Here at Talos we love French cuisine. We could talk for hours about that, but today we have a strange topic. This is something I’ve been talking about with a friend and think it would be a benefit for many chefs and cooks around the world to know.

Healthy appliances equals better food because when you’re appliances aren’t in good condition you’ll know right away. The fridge not being cold enough will make fish rot faster. Dirty ovens will leave a special taste that expert chefs will notice. A clogged and stuffy toaster won’t cook toast evenly. And the list goes on.

The answer to, or one of the many answers to having better food, is having healthy home or commercial appliances that work optimally like the day they were installed. Appliances that are run-down will not function as well as they could, which means your food will either not cook or taste as well as it could. And we all know what it’s like to have a dishwasher that doesn’t function right!

So keep this all in mind when you’re looking for ways to make your food better, even if it isn’t French cuisine 😉