Any restaurant will know the importance of keeping your refrigeration system clean. It’s not just for inspections but for common sense. It’s just like how any domestic household knows the importance of keeping a fridge running in good condition. A leaky fridge with warm spots is no good, and a fridge that is so dirty that everything you put inside gets a funky smell on it is almost as bad. Part of keeping a healthy kitchen–a major part–is having a fridge that is both clean and working optimally.

One thing we learned from appliance repair recently is that neglecting to clean a fridge for long enough is what can actually cause it to function less optimally. Often, fridge repair technicians ask the owners to do a quick clean before they begin repairing the appliance. This didn’t make sense to me at first until I learned that mold growing inside of the fridge can spread to your food and it’s not healthy to fix an appliance when it’s covered in mold. Also, food that has collected inside of the fridge where your eyes can’t see can attract big bugs. Worst of all, it’ll attract rodents and vermin that can chew at the wires inside of your fridge and this will cause it to break down.

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In commercial kitchens, refrigerators are kept clean for these same reasons and more. There are lots of different techniques to clean a fridge. We’ll be discussing this topic more in the future so stay tuned if you’re interested. Always remember, keeping a fridge clean is part of regular fridge maintenance, and a great way to take care of your domestic or commercial appliances.