Our blog focuses on American appliances at home and at the commercial kitchen when cooking French food. But, in Canada, people are still using American appliances in their home because there are few if any Canadian appliance manufacturing companies. That’s why we’re hoping to spread our work to Canada as well as in broader areas in the USA as well. We already started this with learning about appliance repair service in Calgary AB, but now we’ll be extending our efforts in this regard for the abovementioned reason. After all, we’re all North Americans whether or not we’re Canadians or living in the USA.

Working in Canada means working with Canadians, and we look forward to reaching out to more authorities on the topics we love to discuss in Canada where more people speak French.

This is an announcement we decided to make for anyone wondering about future changes on our blog. Now you know why we might be interviewing and blogging about more things Canadian. Thanks for reading today’s post.