Here we will be answering three questions about us so you can learn what we’re all about here. First of all we just want to say thanks for being here. We hope you enjoy your time.

Why do we love French cuisine?

We love French cuisine because we originate from France where our family owned a restaurant. Now, we just live in the USA and eat a lot of French food. Yes, it’s quite that simple.

What will you find on our Blog?

On our Talos blog you will find an assortment of stuff. Here’s a list to give you an idea:

  1. French food recipes.
  2. Business reviews.
  3. Kitchen cleaning tips.
  4. Stories about being parents.
  5. Funny stories in general.
  6. News and updates about our lives.
  7. Stuff we care about (obviously).
  8. Appliance repair advice.
  9. Maintaining healthy home appliances.
  10. Any topics you suggest by contacting us.

Why do we blog in the first place?

We blog because when we read other blogs about topics we care about we often find ourselves rolling our eyes. We don’t like to get down deep in the details. We like to keep thing simple, and so we designed this blog for us. If other people like it and read it then that’s just a bonus.

Keep it French!