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Our blog focuses on American appliances at home and at the commercial kitchen when cooking French food. But, in Canada, people are still using American appliances in their home because there are few if any Canadian appliance manufacturing companies. That’s why we’re hoping to spread our work to Canada as well as in broader areas in the USA as well. We already started this with learning about appliance repair service in Calgary AB, but now we’ll be extending our efforts in this regard for the abovementioned reason. After all, we’re all North Americans whether or not we’re Canadians or living in the USA.

Working in Canada means working with Canadians, and we look forward to reaching out to more authorities on the topics we love to discuss in Canada where more people speak French.

This is an announcement we decided to make for anyone wondering about future changes on our blog. Now you know why we might be interviewing and blogging about more things Canadian. Thanks for reading today’s post.

Keeping Your Fridge Clean

Any restaurant will know the importance of keeping your refrigeration system clean. It’s not just for inspections but for common sense. It’s just like how any domestic household knows the importance of keeping a fridge running in good condition. A leaky fridge with warm spots is no good, and a fridge that is so dirty that everything you put inside gets a funky smell on it is almost as bad. Part of keeping a healthy kitchen–a major part–is having a fridge that is both clean and working optimally.

One thing we learned from appliance repair recently is that neglecting to clean a fridge for long enough is what can actually cause it to function less optimally. Often, fridge repair technicians ask the owners to do a quick clean before they begin repairing the appliance. This didn’t make sense to me at first until I learned that mold growing inside of the fridge can spread to your food and it’s not healthy to fix an appliance when it’s covered in mold. Also, food that has collected inside of the fridge where your eyes can’t see can attract big bugs. Worst of all, it’ll attract rodents and vermin that can chew at the wires inside of your fridge and this will cause it to break down.

To learn more about fridge repair, check out our source at

In commercial kitchens, refrigerators are kept clean for these same reasons and more. There are lots of different techniques to clean a fridge. We’ll be discussing this topic more in the future so stay tuned if you’re interested. Always remember, keeping a fridge clean is part of regular fridge maintenance, and a great way to take care of your domestic or commercial appliances.

New Recipe: French Chicken Pasta

This is a recipe I made up myself, but my friends all agree it’s about as French as you can get when cooking with American appliances. We offer this recipe to keep our motto alive: Keep it French!

The things you’ll need: Pasta, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, cheese and chicken.

Many might consider this meal not French at all. Well, I did invent it after all. But the food itself isn’t what makes it French. It’s how you cook it…

Steps to take: Mash the tomatoes in a dish and mix in a bit of salty water until it’s a paste. Add a bit of diced garlic and then toss in your chicken. Bake the dish in the oven until the chicken is cooked. Take out the chicken and cut it into bite sized bits. Add more tomatoes to the sauce remaining in the dish and cook it over the stove while you add more garlic and some chopped mushrooms.

Start cooking your pasta while you let the sauce simmer. By the time the pasta is done, the sauce should be ready. Put the sauce on the pasta and then the chicken on top. Last thing to do is grate a bit of cheese on top and, voila, you have French chicken pasta!

Bon appétit!

Learning from Appliance Repair in Calgary, AB

What is there to learn from appliance repair in Calgary? If you keep reading you’ll learn that there’s a lot. If you don’t know yet, our blog at Talos is all about life in the kitchen, whether it’s a commercial restaurant or a domestic household, and by learning from different topics we can paint a bigger picture of our passions for others to see. Today, talking about appliance repair Calgary services can teach us 8 simple things.

8 Simple Things About Calgary Appliance Repair

  1. Bigger cities have more appliance repair companies.
  2. More companies means more to choose from.
  3. More to choose from means more chance of lower and higher quality service.
  4. More chance of lower quality service means it’s important to choose the right company.
  5. Choosing the right company in a city of experts means getting some of the best appliance repair services in the world let alone Canada.
  6. Having some of the best means you should never fret when your appliance break down.
  7. Never fretting about needing appliance service means you can use and abuse your home or commercial appliance to their full potential.
  8. Using appliances to their full potential means everyone’s welcome to your house for turkey dinner, if you so choose.

Touching on point #8: You may not be the type to invite all the friends and family to your house for turkey dinner, especially if you live in Calgary because with a higher population there’s a higher chance of having a lot of friends. But if you so choose, knowing that you have local professionals working for some of Canada’s largest companies around the block, you should be less concerned if your dishwasher broke down or your oven stopped working, or your washing machine got clogged, etc. This is because in a big city like Calgary all the services you could ever need are nearby. If you compare the same situation to a household out in the country, such services are further away and so one might be more careful not to break their kitchen appliances. And naturally, having what you need nearby should result in better food as explained here on my last post.

I chose Calgary as an example for explaining this benefit of living in a big city because I spent a lot of time there and worked with many local Canadian businesses. There was a lot to learn, like how companies act faster and are more professional, for instance. In a bigger city, any service you need comes much faster. This especially goes for home services because with a bigger population there are more households who will be calling local experts when things go wrong. When it comes to appliance repair in Calgary, this fact couldn’t be truer. There are dozens and dozens of companies for someone to choose from, and this benefits every citizen because if one company is booked up there’s always another to call, or if one doesn’t have the parts you need you could always try the next one. More companies means more potential for getting the service you need.

To conclude, let’s go over the things we learned today.

  • A bigger population means more companies to choose from.
  • More companies to choose from means less worries about something going wrong.
  • This truth couldn’t be more evident than in an industry like appliance repair because appliances often break down.
  • Out in the country, there are less services available and so people in a city like Calgary should feel fortunate about at least this one thing.

I hope you enjoyed learning with us here at the Talos Blog. There aren’t that many blogs out there who will discuss these kinds of topics so I hope you found it interesting. Until next time, keep it French.

Why Healthy Appliances Equals Better Food


Here at Talos we love French cuisine. We could talk for hours about that, but today we have a strange topic. This is something I’ve been talking about with a friend and think it would be a benefit for many chefs and cooks around the world to know.

Healthy appliances equals better food because when you’re appliances aren’t in good condition you’ll know right away. The fridge not being cold enough will make fish rot faster. Dirty ovens will leave a special taste that expert chefs will notice. A clogged and stuffy toaster won’t cook toast evenly. And the list goes on.

The answer to, or one of the many answers to having better food, is having healthy home or commercial appliances that work optimally like the day they were installed. Appliances that are run-down will not function as well as they could, which means your food will either not cook or taste as well as it could. And we all know what it’s like to have a dishwasher that doesn’t function right!

So keep this all in mind when you’re looking for ways to make your food better, even if it isn’t French cuisine 😉

What We Do

What do we do here at the Talos Blog? Good question, mate. We’re Franco-Americans delighting in French culture here in the United States of America and Canada. We wish to explain for Americans what French food really means and how you can cook it with your own kitchen appliances. You don’t need a fancy french oven to cook French food. You can do it with your Panasonic oven!

Expect recipes, stories about dining in Paris, explanations about French culture, appliances repair tips, cooking tips and a whole lot more.

You’re awesome!